Dog Discoveries

Yes, Dogs Can Have A Satisfied Look on Their Face!

  Among the many fascinating behaviors and facial expressions dogs engage in, the consummatory face deserves a place of honor. While you may have never heard the term “consummatory face” before, you have likely stumbled on this facial expression at some point or another, but perhaps never gave it much thought. Becoming more aware of a dog’s consummatory face … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Egg-Shaped Head

  According to James Serpell, Professor of Animal Ethics & Welfare at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, the dog is the most variable living mammal on earth, coming in many shapes and sizes, therefore it’s not surprising if there are so many anatomical differences among one dog and another. It’s therefore not … Read more

I Am Your Dog’s Stomach

  You may not pay much attention to your dog’s stomach other than when your dog brings food back up from there or when you watch him wolf down food like if there was no tomorrow, but your dog’s stomach is sure a fascinating body part. We often take a dog’s stomach for granted when it’s … Read more

Twelve Dog Peeing Positions, How Does Your Dog Pee?

  Let’s face it, a dog’s elimination rituals are quite interesting to study, especially considering that dogs tend to assume different peeing positions. You’ll see male dogs mostly lifting their legs, female dogs mostly squatting (even though there are exceptions to the rule) and then you’ll stumble on some dogs doing quite some amazing headstands … Read more

Do Dogs Have a Collarbone?

  Among the many fascinating facts about dogs one that is truly amazing is the way the shoulders of a dog are structured. It is thanks to the way the dog’s shoulders are designed that dogs are able to romp around with great  stride length and flexibility. On top of walking on their toes, dogs have … Read more

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