Dog Discoveries

I am Your Dog’s Bladder

  We tend to not think much about our dog’s bladder other than when dogs need to be taken out to potty or when dogs develop some annoying bladder infection, but those bladders are always working around the clock, and aren’t much acknowledged for the hard work they do. A bladder may just seem like … Read more

Study Reveals Dogs May See in Ultraviolet

  We always knew that some animals such as birds, reptiles and insects (think bees) were capable of seeing ultraviolet, but a new study has revealed that dogs may be capable of seeing some level of ultraviolet too. In a previous article on how dogs see colors, we saw how dogs see colors differently than we do. For … Read more

How Do Dogs Interpret Hugs?

  We are so used to hugging our friends and family that it comes quite natural for us to also want to hug our dogs, but how do dogs interpret our hugs? We assume that our dogs must accept and understand our hugs, as long as they don’t wince or rebel to it; after all, … Read more

Five Dog Sleeping Position Meanings

  Let’s face it: dogs tend to sleep in the oddest positions. Whether your dog sleeps on the couch, on the bed or on your feet using your slippers as a pillow, you likely must have wondered at least once or twice why dogs sleep in weird sleeping positions. Believe it or not, you can discover some … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Gay Tail

  It’s Wednesday Word day and today’s dog term is “gay tail.” With a vast array of dog breeds populating the planet, there are many different dogs blessed with different types of tails. Tail carriage refers to the way dogs carry their tails and tail set refers to the placement of the tail. The way a … Read more

What Dog Breed Has an Apple Head?

  What dog breed has an apple head? Among the vast array of dog breeds populating the globe, some of them have some distinct features that sets them apart from others. The shape of the head is quite a distinguishing feature whether a dog is destined to be a pet dog or a show dog. … Read more

I Am Your Dog’s Vomeronasal Organ

  Just in case you didn’t know, dogs have a special olfactory sense organ that plays a major role in their lives. Also known as the Jacobson’s organ, the vomeronasal organ lives quite in the shadow, secluded as it is up by the dog’s nose. Indeed, it wasn’t until 1732 that Frederik Ruysh discovered it, … Read more

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