Dog Discoveries

I am Your Dog’s Heart

  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we dedicated this Daily Dog Discovery to the dog’s heart. We often take this organ for granted, but this amazing powerhouse does a remarkable amount of work to keep your dog and his body in good working order. We are talking about one of most miraculous “machines” that’s capable of working non-stop, … Read more

Do Dogs Cry Tears from Emotions?

  There have been several videos that have gone viral about dogs “crying,” shedding what viewers perceive as “emotional tears” but do dogs cry tears from emotions, just like humans do? The crying dogs in question are often described as crying because they are grieving, depressed or feeling rather strong emotions such as joy and … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Treeing

  It’s Wednesday Word Day! So we casually opened our encyclopedia and landed on a page featuring a tree, so we decided that today’s dog word of the day will be treeing! What do trees have to do with dogs? Well a whole lot when we discover what treeing dogs precisely do and their roles … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Trachea

  Also known as the windpipe, your dog’s trachea plays a vital role in the passage of air. You might not be aware much of this structure until it gives signs of problems such as when it triggers episodes of coughing and exercise intolerance. As with many other body parts, taking good care of your dog’s … Read more

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