Dog Discoveries

How Colostrum Gives Puppies a Head Start

  What’s more fascinating than the power of colostrum and its role in helping puppies! When puppies are born, it’s important that they receive their healthy dosage of colostrum. This great “starter kit” produced by mother dog gives puppies an important head start in life. It’s important for breeders to ensure that the puppies in their … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Whale Eyes

  Today’s dog word of the day is whale eye. What do dogs have to do with a whale’s eyes?  The term “whale eyes” was labeled by author, dog trainer and expert on dog aggression Sue Sternberg. It’s used to refer to when the white portion of the dog’s eye shows (not to be confused with a dog’s third eyelid). … Read more

Norwich versus Norfolk Terrier

  It’s Tuesday Trivia, and today we will be focusing on two dogs breed that are often easily confused: the Norwich terrier and the Norfolk terrier. Both breeds share many things in common. With a history of hunting down vermin from the barn, they are both small feisty working terriers originating from Great Britain. When it comes … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Third Eyelid

  Today we’ll be discovering some interesting stuff about the dog’s third eyelid. Yes, that’s right, dogs have actually three eyelids, but where on earth is the third one? Last time you checked, you only saw two, the top one and the bottom one, so where is the third one hiding? No need to run a treasure … Read more

Understanding the Honeymoon Period in Dogs

  Yes, dogs and dog owners can go through a honeymoon period just like couples do when at the beginning of their relationship everything seems deliriously perfect. The phenomenon is most commonly observed during the transitional period of adjustment occurring before a newly rescued dog “settles in.” The new dog owners may make remarks such as: “Oh, this dog is … Read more

Five Ways Dogs May Say I Love You

  Until the day your dog can talk, you’ll never likely hear him pronounce “I love you,” and in the meanwhile, don’t expect him to purchase you a Hallmark card or some balloons with those famous words printed on top. And forget about receiving a box of chocolates or a flower bouquet from your dog when Valentine’s Day … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Lapdog

  Today’s dog word of the day is lapdog. You have likely heard this term many times already as other dog owners may have jokingly referred to their large dogs as “lapdogs” to depict their tendency to want to climb into their laps regardless of their size. Today’s term though does not refer to those large … Read more

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