Dog Discoveries

I am Your Dog’s Lungs

  It’s Monday Marvels and today’s place of honor is reserved to the dog’s lungs. We often take a dog’s lungs for granted except when they trigger coughing or wheezing, making us worry about our dog’s health. The dog’s lungs are vital organs, and as such, they require great care to ensure they function and continue to … Read more

Introducing the Dog’s Supracaudal Gland

  Did you know? Dogs have a special gland on their tail known as the supracaudal gland. No, we’re not talking about the anal glands, those glands around the dog’s rectum slightly under the dog’s tail, but actually a totally different gland that’s found instead dorsally, on the upper surface of the dog’s tail. Also, known as the … Read more

Four Reasons Why Your Dog Hates Your Perfume

  Perfumes have been worn by people since early civilization, and still as of today, the world of fragrances is so popular that it is a multi-billion industry. All you have to do is visit Sephora’s fragrance aisle and you’re shortly overwhelmed with attractive-looking bottles and fragrances ready to seduce your olfactory senses. The scent of lavender, vanilla … Read more

Four Ways Dogs May Detect Human Pregnancy

  We know of dogs who can detect cancer, predict seizures and recognize low blood sugar, so it shouldn’t surprise us if dogs were even able to detect pregnancy! While there are currently no studies or hard evidence to prove us that dogs are capable of telling when a woman becomes pregnant, there is surely a lot of anecdotal evidence … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Watchdog

  The term watchdog is often used interchangeably with the word guard dog, but there are clear distinctions between the two. Unlike the guard dog (which should only be trained by professionals as it requires an extremely high level of refined training), the watch dog is not meant to physically restrain or attack intruders. Generally, the term watchdog is used … Read more

What are Snowshoe Feet in Dogs?

  It’s Tuesday Trivia and today we are discovering interesting facts about snowshoe feet in dogs. What exactly are snowshoe feet in dogs? Our references state that only certain breeds have this type of specialized feet and that they’re purposely crafted in such a way as to make walking on snow much easier. Interestingly, when it comes … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Kidneys

  It’s Monday Marvels and today we’ll be discovering more about our dog’s marvelous kidneys. We often take our dog’s kidneys for granted and it’s unfortunate that we usually only acknowledge them when they start giving problems. Regular check-ups can help keep tabs on the health status of this important organ. There are also many things that … Read more

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