Dog Discoveries

How Can Dogs Sniff Out Cancer?

  Today we would like to discover some more details about dogs who are putting their sniffers to work for a noble cause: detecting illnesses, in particular dogs who sniff out cancer. How do dogs detect cancer? Does cancer have a specific smell that dogs can discriminate from other smells? We have found some interesting … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Neoteny

  It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for our weekly Dog Word of the Day! So today we opened up our encyclopedia on a random page and landed on the letter “N.” On that page we saw a picture of a baby and noticed the word “neonate,” which means “a newborn child or mammal” so we … Read more

Why Does Dog Urine Kill Grass?

  It’s Tuesday Trivia, are you ready to test your canine expertise? Today’s question revolves around the fact that dog urine kills grass. If you are a dog owner and own a yard, you may have likely seen the unsightly effects dog urine may have on grass. The urine may cause the grass to turn … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Adrenal Glands

  Today we will be introducing the dog’s adrenal glands. Like some other dog body parts that for the most part live in the shadow, you likely don’t hear much about the adrenal glands unless they start giving problems. In dogs, the adrenal glands are responsible for secreting important hormones, but sometimes things can get … Read more

What Makes Dogs Good Running Partners?

  For those folks looking for good running partners, what’s better than a dog? Other than some teeny lap dogs, short-faced dogs who have trouble breathing and overheat, and a few couch potato breeds that would rather snooze than go for an outdoor romp, many dogs make suitable running partners who would say “woof!” without hesitation if … Read more

Understanding the Chihuahua’s Molera

  Today we thought it was quite interesting discovering more about a Chihuahua’s “molera,” a unique trait of this pint-sized pet. While once it was considered a mark of purity in the breed, and at some point, even a defect, today a better understanding of this “soft spot” reveals that it’s simply a characteristic of the breed, … Read more

The Neuroplasticity of a Dog’s Brain

  What’s more marvelous than a dog’s brain that is always in a learning state? We often think of the puppy’s sensitive period as a window of time that permanently “shuts close” once the time frame has elapsed, but sometimes we forget that dogs are always learning. Saying that the window of opportunity for puppy socialization closes … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Dolicocephalic

  What exactly does the word “dolicocephalic” mean? This word may sound a bit complicated, but once we break it into smaller components,  it becomes easier to understand. Chances are, you might even own a dolicocephalic dog breed too and you don’t even know it! This term though isn’t restricted to the dog world only, … Read more

The Dog Version of Fingerprints!

  It’s Tuesday Trivia, which means it’s time to test your canine knowledge! Today, we’ll be tackling a dog’s body part that is so unique, it can be said that it’s capable of replicating the equivalent function of a human fingerprint. Indeed, its pattern can be used to identify dogs, distinguishing one dog from another. What body … Read more

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