Dog Discoveries

Discovering How Dogs See Color

Discovering how dogs see colors requires putting ourselves in their shoes. When we look at a rainbow, do our dogs see the same colors as we do? Understanding how dogs see colors can help us get a better grasp on how they perceive the world around them. Discovering how dogs perceive colors is, therefore, not only … Read more

Intelligent Disobedience in Dogs

  Today is Talent Thursday and today we would like to brag about a dog’s ability to make important “judgement calls” something guide dogs must be able to do when they apply what is known as”intelligent disobedience.” While the word “disobedience” gives the negative idea of a dog who ignores what he’s asked to do and just does as … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Babbler

  It’s Wednesday Word Day! Today we opened our encyclopedia and ended on the letter “B” and the page had the word “babble” which is a term we often use to depict somebody who talks rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited way, uttering words imperfectly. So we thought to make “babbler” our dog word of the day. What … Read more

Guess This Dog Breed

  Can you guess this dog breed? Are you ready to test your canine capabilities? Today, we are going to show you a picture of a quite rare dog breed. Hint: you won’t likely stumble on this dog unless you live in or visit Spain. And even if you live there or decide to visit … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Blood Brain Barrier

  What’s more marvelous than a special barrier that protects the dog’s brain from potentially harmful substances? Owners of a sub-population of collies and several other herding breeds, in particular may be well aware of the risks their dogs may be susceptible to due to the way their blood brain barrier is structured, but this is something … Read more

How Rock Salt Affects Dog Paws

  Did you know that rock salt and ice melts can cause dry, cracked paws in dogs? It’s January, and with winter in full swing, many towns and cities are now coated with a blanket of snow. For many dogs this means romping around in winter wonderland, surely a fun activity, until those poor paws … Read more

When Puppies Develop Their Sense of Smell

  When do puppies develop their sense of smell? Today is Surprising Saturday, and we thought it was quite surprising learning that puppies are capable of using their sense of smell even before they are born! What’s even more interesting though is that there seems to be an evolutionary advantage as to why a pup’s sense of … Read more

Dogs With a History of Working as a Team

  It’s fascinating Friday, and today we’ll be tackling the fascinating history of dogs cooperating with each other. Cooperation, which is the process of working together to the same end, may have offered advantages to humans and dogs back in time when dogs were employed to carry out specific tasks, but do dogs really understand the … Read more

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