Dog Discoveries



Circle Wag in Dogs
  A circle wag in dogs is not your average tail wag: when wagging their tails this way, dogs show
Exercise on Puppy Growth Plates
  By Adrienne Farricelli When it comes to puppies, it may be tempting to exercise them so to drain that
Dog Urinate While Sleeping
  If you thought children were the only ones who would engage in bed wetting, think again; a dog wetting the bed
Concussion in Dogs
  A dog may sometimes bump his head on a coffee table producing quite an alarming sound that may concern
Dog With Webbed Feet
  Webbed feet consist of toes connected by a membrane and are characteristic of animals with a history of spending time in
Bump on Top of a Dog's Head
  You may have at some time or another stumbled on a dog with a prominent bump on his head
  In the human world, lip smacking is something we do when we open and close our mouth loudly to
Blue Nose Pit bulls
  There are pit bulls, and then there are blue nose pit bulls and red nose pit bulls. You may
Teeth Chattering in Dogs
  Have you ever seen a dog who sniffs a spot and then starts chattering his teeth? This curious behavior

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