Dog Discoveries

Five Tips on Naming Your Dog

  When it comes to naming your dog, you are likely looking for names that are appealing and have a special meaning to you, but have you ever thought about what’s best for your dog? Names are perceived differently by dogs than the ways us humans perceive them. Dogs aren’t born knowing their names; just … Read more

Facts About Silent Dog Whistle Training

  You may have heard about dog whistles, special devices often portrayed as magically turning a distracted dog into an obedient dog who runs towards his owner immediately, no questions asked. As much as dog whistles may seem appealing, they are not really these magical training objects as they are often portrayed. No training tool … Read more

Four Different Ways Dogs Learn

  How do dogs learn? When it comes to learning, dogs can be taught in several ways. Dogs do not come with an operating instruction manual nor with a troubleshooting guide. It’s up to us to understand how to teach a dog so that the dog can learn. It is only by understanding the underlying machine that … Read more

Dog Snake Avoidance Without Shock

  If you live in an area that has dangerous snakes such as rattlesnakes, you may be looking for solutions to prevent your dog from encountering snakes or perhaps you are thinking about enrolling your dog in some sort of snake aversion training. Today, there are several solutions to prevent your dog from interacting with … Read more

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